New Careers for

Agents of Change

Townsend impacts the successful careers of smart, well-rounded people with seasoned experience, particularly executives who have navigated through flames of adversity. 

We find new challenging roles for people who stay creative under pressure and look at new ways to solve problems. Change agents who can address needs of the future are brought to global companies that value people with urgency and intensity. 


We want people who have played a hand in upgrading systems, those who’ve brought data and discipline to decision-making around profitability, pricing and customer relationships.


We want candidates who can articulate what is sacrosanct to them, and have a sense of purpose. We guide candidates to frame interview processes with balance, to be active participants in deciding whether they’re equipped for the job, up to the challenge and a fit with the team.

If there’s a fire, we want people who are drawn to the fire.