Matthew Morgan, Director 

Matt Morgan has spent his career recruiting candidates in accounting, finance, operations, manufacturing, and engineering roles across many industries. Prior to joining Townsend Search Group, Matt worked with the largest privately held recruiting company in the United States, where he successfully fulfilled client needs in functional and leadership positions for over five years.

While working with clients in an array of industries, Matt saw firsthand the significant impact the right executive or professional can have on a company’s success and the lasting influence their leadership makes across the organization. He learned the importance of effective communication by bringing a consultative approach to the search process. Matt actively listens to truly understand the needs and expectations of clients and candidates which is both a skill and an art that must be constantly practiced. 

Through in-depth exposure to business, Matt appreciates the intricacy of an organizations many functions which must work cohesively for the firm’s overall success. Combining his education in Social Relations and Policy and Economics from Michigan State University (MSU) with an MBA from Wayne State University, Matt brings an analytical approach to his daily work. Matt is driven to understand the complex landscape in which a company operates that when combined with its internal processes, structures, and people, make it wholly unique. 

Natural curiosity has always led me to ask the next question in any conversation, especially when learning something new. In meeting with clients, I love to learn about their business and the unique aspects that distinguish their product and their team from the competition. In talking with a candidate, it is my goal to understand the person, what they have done in their past, in order to truly uncover their “why”. Finding the right candidate for the right client allows me to help them both and provide an ideal solution"



At an early age, Matt learned from his parents’ example the importance of hard work, dedication, and education. The tireless efforts in their careers and continued support they provided to family became the foundation of his values. Matt began working at a young age during the summers and after school in the warehouse of a medical equipment company. 


Matt attended Michigan State as a full-time student while working as a Resident Assistant and remotely for that same medical equipment company. His time at MSU offered many experiences and lasting lessons, such as the importance of balance and the impact that one person can make on the lives of others. 


Matt values the time he spends with family and close friends outside of work. He also enjoys a healthy mix of playing sports, exercising, and has a passion for film and literature. Over the past several years, he has had the opportunity to travel abroad and is planning a trip to Southeast Asia in the, hopefully, near future.



Growing up, Matt enjoyed reading on the roof outside his bedroom window which led to a passion for high ropes courses and even sky diving. He hopes to one day earn an Instructor Assisted Freefall (IAF) certification to skydive solo and possibly base jumping.