Interim Solutions

Sudden vacancies, exceptional business volume, urgent deadlines and new regulatory requirements can cause organizations challenging human resource gaps.

Whatever the situation, Townsend Search Group has a familiar and experienced network
of talented contract professionals ready to provide special expertise, extra workforce, regulatory compliance assistance, and interim leadership.
Their professional assistance may range from Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to project management to preparation of complex financial filings. Clients often seek our help to find temporary controllers, managers or director-level professionals in operations, quality assurance, finance and accounting.


For these engagements, we work with management to identify specific business objectives, the scope and role for which talent is needed. Consultants and associates are onboarded with help from Townsend, then work directly with the client’s internal staff and management to reach objectives. Contractors are deployed for varying durations, and prevent excessive outsourcing costs from large consulting and accounting firms. 

Townsend Search Group finds people with specific industry and work experience, as well as subject matter experts with proven records of success.