Executive Search

is a Journey

Together with clients, we outline the executive opportunity with a thorough, guided examination of the organization and proposed role.

We ask and discuss provocative questions. Every challenge facing the industry and company will be turned over and explored. Technical requirements of the position and preferred candidate experiences are identified, with consideration of what’s highest in priority. 


We also develop a thoughtful understanding of the company’s special culture so it can be communicated well to executive contenders. We want to know what is working today and what needs to change for the company to accelerate success through this critical position. We plan for the future of the role and frame performance measures at future milestones.


Clients who are long-term business partners with Townsend Search Group value this thought-provoking journey. It’s a collaborative process where we candidly exchange insights as we define the role and its opportunity. Our 60+ years of collective team experience guides the rigorous search for high quality candidates from our national network of businesspeople.

There may be several executives who align to the role, and we thoroughly explore their careers, technical skills, interests, work ethics and thinking. We present these top leaders
so that clients can review their differing strengths relevant to the role. They will learn how candidates have been tested during their careers, how they problem-solve and weigh decisions, how their leadership has played out, and how they have demonstrated attitude

and character in the past. We provide clients with honest insights into candidate strengths and acceptable weaknesses, helping them envision how the person will rise to challenges and complement the team in place. In this process, there are typically no ‘wrong answers’ by the final candidates, only insights for clients to process and weigh.

Interviews and negotiations may complete the formal search engagement, yet we stay committed beyond the final outcome. Townsend Search Group defines success when, months or years later, we evaluate how the search solution has impacted organizational performance. It comes when the executive is delivering on expectations and building success for the company.

We consider our
work a success only
when the executive has
positively impacted a
company’s performance.