Businesses served by Townsend may be experiencing hyper growth, or distress and the need for turnaround. Townsend is prepared to enter at times of restructuring, mergers and acquisitions, routine turnover, or when there is a need to elevate talent to address ever more sophisticated industry challenges and business goals.

We are a partner with integrity that seeks candor as we guide the search for executive leadership. The overriding goal at the time of leadership change drives our search. It might be to evolve financial management, improve manufacturing processes, launch new systems, unite a stronger team or transform to a more effective culture. Townsend Search Group advises clients on the leadership capacities needed to realize this opportunity.


Companies can then use this inflection point to shape priorities for making a stronger company or improving profitability. We clearly define the role, clarify the culture, the pace, dynamics of the governance team, and many other ‘qualitative’ sides to match them with candidate strengths. We’re looking for people who’ll find true belonging.


We use discretion and confidentiality as we seek to understand business strengths and areas
of underperformance inherent in any company. We want a proper match to the leadership test. If there’s a fire, we want people drawn to the fire. 


In our search, we ask candidates questions that peel back layers of past experiences and career decisions to understand how they made an impact. How did they formulate plans? Organize teams? Execute and follow up with the team? We’re listening for experiences and approaches that resonate with the client’s need list, and values that closely align. 


The journey with Townsend Search Group brings the piece that completes the puzzle. People and companies come together for the greater success of both.